As of July 1, 2011, the new procurement routing process has been implemented for submission of all equipment requests.  To clarify the process for routing of equipment requests from initiation of request through purchase order execution, please review the following: 

  1. ERG receives the equipment request from end-user and obtains appropriate ERG approvals.
  2. ERG contact submits the request with all pertinent information to their PEMA Planner.
  3. PEMA Planner reviews the request for completeness and, if complete, forwards the request to the Procurement Mailbox.  If the request is incomplete or the supporting documentation is missing, the liaison will return the request to the ERG contact to obtain the additional information necessary to process the request.  Upon the review of the additional information, the PEMA Planner will submit the request to the Procurement Mailbox.
  4. Procurement Chief or designee forwards the request to the appropriate purchasing agent for processing.
  5. Purchasing agent conducts necessary research and proceeds with appropriate procurement mechanism.
  6. Purchasing agent creates the purchase order and routes through the approval process.
  7. When the purchase order is approved, the purchasing agent prints out a copy of the purchase order for the file and emails fully executed purchase order to the vendor and ERG contact, with a carbon copy to the PEMA Planner.
  8. If there is an issue with the purchase order, the ERG contact should contact the purchasing agent directly.