EMS Strike Team

EMMCO West, Region 18, EMS Stike Team is a member of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania EMS Strike Team Program..  The EMS Strike Team consists of EMS Agencies, Resources, and EMS Providers that have received additional training and credentialling to respond to intra-region, intra-state, or inter-state responses to areas in which there is a need of EMS system surge support.

The EMS Strike Teams are the responsibility of the Regional EMS Councils and fall under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Bureau of EMS. The fundamental purpose of the EMS Strike Teams is to provide transportation of patients from one location to another in circumstances where local EMS agencies are overwhelmed and unable to accomplish this task without additional resources. EMS Strike Teams may only be activated for a “team” response by the Bureau of EMS, at which time all activities of the EMS Strike Team are coordinated locally by the Regional EMS Council. Upon activation, the specific mission of the EMS Strike Team is dictated by the Bureau of EMS and is coordinated with other appropriate local, regional, state and federal response agencies under a NIMS compliant response matrix.

All members of the EMS Strike Team must complete additional training and equipment familiarity to deploy as part of the team.  Team members must complete training that prepares them to work in austere enviroments, potentially being exposed to hazardous chemicals, debris, pandemics, and bio-terrorism.